The future of clinical trials has arrived.

Hawthorne Effect decentralizes clinical trials, maximizing accessibility and data integrity. Our innovative approach combines licensed healthcare professionals with the latest connected technology to deliver decentralized clinical trials that are more efficient and accurate than the traditional trial model.


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Decentralized clinical trials improve efficiency and the quality of your data.

Hawthorne Effect conducts your clinical trial visits in the field, broadening your patient pools and ensuring more follow-up visits happen within the trial window. Our HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based trial platform integrates with your existing systems and ensures secure, 24/7 access to your trial data.

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Further your career while improving the future of medicine.

We recruit medical professionals from around the world—our Hawthorne Heroes— and provide them with the training and equipment they need to conduct clinical trial visits in the field with the highest level of scientific integrity. If you're interested in improving the future of medicine while earning additional income, we invite you to join our Hawthorne Hero Network.



Help yourself while helping to heal humanity.

Participating in a clinical trial gives you access to cutting-edge medicine with life-changing potential. The data collected from your clinical trial experience leads to better medicine, which can change the lives of millions around the world.

Operation Warp Speed

We're looking for Hawthorne Heroes to support COVID-19 research.

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Operation Warp Speed

We're looking for Hawthorne Heroes to support COVID-19 research.

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Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence

Cardiac Sonographer, Hawthorne

"I receive constant feedback from our patients and caregivers about just how important this is to them. This is why I do what I do, this is why I choose to be a hero."


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