PREVUE VALVE Study: Cardiovascular Research Foundation

About the Study

Hawthorne Effect is thrilled to be collaborating with the Cardiovascular Research Foundation on the PREVUE VALVE study.

This is a prevalence study, evaluating the presence of valvular heart disease (VHD). The study aims to establish reliable estimates of VHD prevalence and allow for the development and validation of several innovative tools to aid in the detection and diagnosis of VHD.

This is an exciting study that will strengthen our understanding of valvular heart disease, and allow Hawthorne Effect Heroes to contribute their skills and knowledge to transformational clinical research.

Investigators: David J. Cohen, MD, MSc; Martin B. Leon, MD; Michael I. Brener, MD

Sponsor: Cardiovascular Research Foundation

Collaborators: CVS Health Clinical Trial Services, Hawthorne Effect, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Survey Research Operations, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan

Hero Profile Requirements

Clinical: Blood draw skills (phlebotomist, RN, PA, EMT, etc.)

Echo techs: RDCS/RCS certification

What to Expect

  1. Complete onboarding and study certification on the Hawthorne Effect ACT Platform
  2. Receive a Hawthorne Hero kit with PPE and equipment needed for the visit
  3. Visit flow: Hero goes to the participant’s home, conducts the visit, ships labs, and/or uploads ECHO images and EKG data
  4. Competitive compensation