Become a HERO

Join our network of exceptional healthcare professionals who are dedicated to high-quality, personalized patient follow-up for clinical trials.

Set your own schedule

Keep your independence and work when you want to.

Earn additional income

Earn extra money by working as much or as little as you want.

Do what you love

Spend more quality time working directly with patients.

Gain new experience

Participate in the nation's leading clinical trials.

Accept Assignment

Collect Patient Data

Get Paid

Open Positions

We're currently building our provider network with MDs, PAs, NPs, RNs, LVNs, Paramedics/EMTs and echo-sonographers from all medical specialties. We're filling positions in many parts of the US and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

The visit compensation varies by clinical trial and the complexity of follow-up required but is based on a premium over market rates per credential or specialty. Visit rates include travel time.
We are in the early phases of launch, so visit opportunities are limited at this time but expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. As part of our Hawthorne Effect network, you will be kept apprised of opportunities and news as we progress.
Absolutely. Hawthorne Effect HERO visits can be a source of additional income as well as a source of professional satisfaction.
Yes, we have a custom learning management system (Hawthorne University LMS) that offers mandatory and optional training modules. The system is user-friendly, can be accessed online and allows both HEROs and HE team to track certifications.
Yes, an attractive aspect of the Hawthorne Effect model is that you are able to plan visits well in advance - weeks, months or even years. Additionally you have the flexibility to schedule any day and any time of week that is convenient for both you and the patient. Hawthorne Effect provides the support to enable scheduling of visits.
Yes, you may accept or decline opportunities. The choice will be yours; you need only to select visits that are amenable to your schedule and preferences.
You will be onboarded as a W-2 employee so that HE will cover necessary workman’s compensation, payroll taxes, etc. Employee status also ensure you will receive the necessary support to perform visits in the highest standard of practice as well as place you in a community of peers that will offer opportunities for professional growth and development.
HE curates the latest technologies for patient assessments, data capture and transfer, communications, scheduling and more. As a HERO, you will be part of exciting clinical trials where the most contemporary therapies, drugs and device are being evaluated and introduced into the healthcare system. You will have the first line of sight on patient’s response to new therapies and your role will make an important impact on the evolution of healthcare.
Visits will generally take place in the patient's home or in another mutually convenient location that is appropriate for the follow-up required. If you are an independent physician with your own office that is convenient to the patient, you may choose to invite the patient to have their visit conducted in your office.
The visits will be fairly close to where you live or work, based upon your preferences. You can define how far you want to drive (for example, no more than 30 miles, or whatever number works for you). But we won't ask you to fly somewhere or drive long hours to a visit that’s far away. If you have more than one home or would like to conduct visits while traveling, we will provide you with the opportunity to share this information with us.
We match people by geography, skills, and certifications that correspond with the patient and the clinical study. If you’re matched with a patient, we try to find a schedule that works for you and the patient.
We have an immediate need for providers with experience in cardiovascular medicine, neurology, and cardiac imaging including:
  • Neurologists in Southern California
  • Echo-sonographers and RNs in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and California (SF and LA)
  • RNs in Snohomish County, Washington
  • Echocardiographers / cardiac sonographers in and around Boise and Idaho Falls, Idaho
No, you would not be on-call. The schedules for clinical trial visits are known well in advance, which makes it easy to plan ahead. This helps us schedule a visit on a particular date/time that is within a window of possible options that work for both you and the patient. No "on-call" scheduling or "office hours".
No. The providers we credential as HEROs do not treat patients or prescribe medication but rather perform a data collection role with patients during follow-up visits. If you don’t have an active license, you won’t be matched with follow-up visits that require a license. But you can still become a HERO and perform follow-up visits that don’t require an active license.