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About Hawthorne Heroes

Hawthorne Heroes are physicians, nurses and allied health professionals with broad ranges of experience and expertise. They represent a spectrum of therapeutic areas, from general medicine to oncology, cardiovascular, neurological, pediatrics, geriatrics, endocrinology, dermatology and more. They are recent graduates, mid-career and retirees. They have part-time or full-time careers.

Our Heroes are capable. Hawthorne Effect provides training and credentialing through our online platform to ensure Heroes are ready to complete trial protocols with the highest level of scientific integrity. Heroes are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the data they collect is comprehensive and accurate.

Our Heroes are diverse. They come from all of the communities we aim to serve: Latino, African American, Asian American, Native American, Middle Eastern American and others.

Our Heroes are happy. They tell us how much they love being a part of Hawthorne Effect because they feel like they are not only improving patients lives, but the future of medicine for humanity.

Our Heroes are given many types of opportunities at Hawthorne Effect, from conducting in-home or virtual study visits to supporting clinical studies as project leaders, coordinators, investigators and consultants on a part-time or full-time basis. Join our team and start improving the future of medicine while you expand your career.

Make A Difference

Our Heroes are blazing a trail to medical innovation by ensuring patients can participate in cutting-edge clinical trials. As a Hero, you leverage technology and service to put patients first, advancing the boundaries of science so everyone can thrive.

Grow Your Career

We give you the training and certifications you need to implement clinical trial assessments in the field. As a Hawthorne Hero, you'll gain vital research experience while building a valuable professional network to expand your career opportunities.

Boost Your Earnings

Your Hero work pays handsomely – giving you that good feeling from helping a patient in need and allowing you to earn compensation. The amount paid per visit varies based on the trial, but the compensation is always competitive.


Opal S.

Clinical Trial Patient

"I'll live longer just to have my Heroes come every year."

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Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence

Cardiac Sonographer, Hawthorne

"I receive constant feedback from our patients and caregivers about just how important this is to do. This is why I do what I do, this is why I choose to be a Hero."

Peripheral Arterial Disease Study

Evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the ESIPIRTTM Bioresorbable stent.

Learn More

Peripheral Arterial Disease Study

Evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the ESIPIRTTM Bioresorbable stent.

Learn More

How It Works

1. Review and Accept Visits

We'll let you know when visits are available in your area. You'll review the details and decide whether you want to accept.

2. Get Certified

Complete any certifications required for your visit, on your schedule – digitally, via Hawthorne University.

3. Complete Visit

We'll provide the supplies for your visit, which you plan around your availability. After the assessment, simply upload any data you collected to complete the assignment.

4. Receive Compensation

Compensation to be remitted upon visit completion and approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

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