Patients who participate in clinical trials get the benefit of cutting-edge treatments while also contributing to research studies that advance medical science. Sometimes the requirements of clinical trial follow-up visits are burdensome because of the time and travel requirements. At Hawthorne Effect, we want to reduce this burden and create the best follow-up experience possible.

Hawthorne Heroes are caring healthcare professionals who have been specially selected, vetted, trained and certified. They are passionate about ensuring that patients who participate in clinical trials have the best possible experience and the least burdensome way to meet the follow-up visit requirements. At Hawthorne Effect, we believe participation in clinical trials should be done on your terms, so we bring the visit to you – anywhere and at the best time of day that works for your schedule.

The Benefits of Hawthorne Effect

Your Schedule

We can coordinate follow-up visits that work within your busy schedule. Whether on days, evenings or weekends, our Heroes will find a convenient time that works for you.

Convenient Location

We can conduct follow-up visits in your home, at the office or at a local clinic. Our goal is to make the visit as easy as possible for you.

Personalized Visit

Our Heroes are highly trained professionals who are empathetic and enjoy working with people. They will give you the time you need and answer any questions you have.


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