Transform Your Clinical Trial

Our focus at Hawthorne Effect is on impact: revolutionizing medicine by reimagining what's possible. Our innovative approach to decentralized clinical trials blends precision science with clinical compassion to set a new standard for clinical trial success.

What used to be done only in a hospital can now be accomplished in the comfort of a patient's home. We call it Clinical Trial+ because of the value it adds: bringing more trials to more patients (wherever they are and whenever their schedules allow), ensuring productive patient encounters and optimizing data quality through meaningful, in-person assessments.

Meet Hawthorne Effect: the partner you can trust for data you need.


Enhanced Continuity

Hawthorne Effect's decentralized model maximizes efficiencies to reduce costs and extend clinical trials, producing better data over longer periods of time.


Improved Reliability

Our Hawthorne Heroes are trained to conduct clinical trial assessments in the field, giving you quick access to your data when you need it. This decentralized approach also removes common barriers to completion for traditional, site-based trials.


Expanded Accessibility

Hawthorne Effect lets you eliminate the geographic constraints of site-dependent trials, expanding the population of patients who meet your medical criteria. Broader patient pools improve data and strengthen the outcome of your trial.

Hawthorne Effect combines the right people with the right technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your clinical trials.

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Our People

Our network of highly skilled medical professionals will deliver your trial protocols with precision and compassion in the field. We select Hawthorne Heroes with the right skills and experience and provide them with the training and equipment they need to implement your trial assessment protocols with the highest level of scientific integrity, whenever and wherever your patients require.


Our Technology

All of our Hawthorne Heroes are equipped with connected devices that allow for real-time data collection and transfer to our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform capable of integrating with any of your legacy systems and accessible 24/7.


Optimize Clinical Trials

Our decentralized assessment model delivers higher patient retention and more in-window assessments.

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