Kidney Transplant Study: Lionheart21 Trial

Exploring the efficacy and safety of NPC-21 to combat CMV infection in transplant recipients.

Trial Overview

Hawthorne Effect and Nobelpharma are pleased to announce their partnership with Lionheart21, an on-going phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of NPC-21 for kidney transplant recipients at high-risk of cytomegalovirus infection. It’s the perfect match to advance medical therapy that can extend the life of a vital transplant organ.

We are actively seeking healthcare professionals with exceptional courage to help us conduct in-home patient follow-up visits for this landmark clinical trial. If you are a well-qualified professional with a work ethic that embraces attention to detail, and you can routinely devote yourself to the project, please consider joining our vast network of Heroes and sign up today.


  1. Venipuncture and general laboratory knowledge
  2. Organization and attention to detail
  3. Minimum of registered nurse licensure

What to Expect

  1. HERO informational ZOOM
  2. Complete onboarding and study certification on Hawthorne Platform
  3. Receive study sign on gift and Hero bag with all necessary supplies to complete visits
  4. Collaborate with other health care professionals who will support you in your role
  5. Competitive pay for each visit