The Hawthorne Network of Heroes brings remarkable clinical acumen to your trials.

Capable of conducting complex procedures with the utmost care and efficiency while providing an essential and compassionate link to trial participants.

Hawthorne Heroes represent a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas.

From physicians, advanced practice providers, and nurses to allied health professionals, our network has the expertise you need to maintain the highest level of scientific integrity.

Trained, Certified, and Credentialed

Hawthorne Heroes are credentialed health professionals who are subject to thorough evaluation before joining the network. They receive both fundamental clinical trial certifications and study-specific training before every visit to ensure the data they collect is both comprehensive and accurate.

Fully Remote and On-Demand

Our Heroes work and live in the communities where the trial is taking place, eliminating geographical barriers that prevent patient access and ensuring visits take place in-window.

Compassionate and Dedicated

Hawthorne Heroes share our passion for making a difference in patients’ lives. Their commitment to the clinical trial process comes from a desire to advance the boundaries of science so that everyone can thrive. 

See firsthand how our ACT™ solution can accelerate your trials.