Evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the ESIPIRT™ Bioresorbable stent.

Evaluating the safety and efficacy of new treatments.

Trial Overview

Hawthorne Effect is working with Abbott on the LIFE-BTK trial, which is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the ESIPIRT™ Bioresorbable stent as a way to reduce leg pain and increase mobility in seniors with Peripheral Arterial Disease. In this trial, Hawthorne Effect will be conducting home visits that will require assessment of the patient’s affected limb,

any wounds, and an ABI/TBI. These visits will also require Duplex Ultrasound. This is one of the many clinical trials we are supporting that allow Hawthorne Effect Heroes to be truly on the front lines of transformational, lifesaving clinical research. We are looking for Heroes to express interest in conducting home visits that will improve the quality of life for seniors.


  1. Clinicians with cardiology, vascular and wound-assessment experience2
  2. RNs, NPs, PAs or MDs
  3. Echo techs with RVS/RVT certification

What to Expect

  1. Hero informational Zoom
  2. Complete onboarding and study certification on Hawthorne Platform (HEHQ)
  3. Hero bag with PPE
  4. Home visit flow is as follows: Hero goes to patient’s home, conducts visit, completes paperwork, uploads images, ships supplies
  5. Visits require wound image application with an iPad (provided)
  6. Competitive compensation paid for each visit.