The Impact of Clinical Trials Is Both Immediate and Unmistakable

Doctor speaking to a patient

Every year on May 20, the healthcare community comes together to celebrate Clinical Trials Day, which is a long-overdue recognition of the accomplishments made in medical research and the very real outcomes that affect patients’ lives. As a company whose mission is to bring clinical trials to anyone, anywhere, we add our sincere thanks to […]

Looking Ahead in Clinical Research: Patients and Clinicians as Consumers

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Jodi Akin Founder + CEO, Hawthorne Effect Jodi is a healthcare executive, leader, innovator, advisor, and serial entrepreneur. She has more than 20 years of experience in clinical development, scientific and regulatory strategy, management, and medtech market development from start-ups to S&P 500 companies. Prior to founding Hawthorne Effect, Jodi was Global VP Clinical Affairs […]