TCT 2022 in Boston was a hit!

The Hawthorne Effect team was pleased with the opportunity to meet with cardiovascular research leaders from all over to show how our ACT™ solution accelerates clinical trials.

If we missed you, we would love to catch up and talk about expanding access to new patient populations and optimizing participation.

Jodi Akin

Hawthorne Effect Founder + CEO

FDA Recovering from a Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Future Adjustments

Hawthorne Effect CEO Jodi Akin’s panel on FDA leadership and lessons learned from the COVID pandemic brought together leadership from government, clinical research, and healthcare delivery. With so many inputs from top executives, the discussion was illuminating and challenging at the same time.

Some of the important points included:

  • While bureaucracy always presents challenges, the overwhelmingly swift response by government and industry groups to the rapid spread of COVID resulted in significant mitigation results.
  • The effects on clinical research, however, were widespread – cardiovascular research, in particular, largely being shut down. The long-term effects of that pause will take some time to understand.
  • Taken together, those points make clear that a new paradigm in clinical trials is needed to ensure that important research continues in the midst of challenges such as COVID.


The exciting news is that Hawthorne Effect is at the front of making that paradigm shift. Our ACT™ solution takes the trials to the patient and allows us to safely continue clinical trials in these kinds of scenarios. Putting the patient at the center solves for multiple issues.

Hawthorne Effect goes beyond traditional decentralized clinical trials (DCT) models and takes the trial directly to the patient in their home.

HIPAA-compliant and cloud-based SaaS solution

ACT™ provides four key components to manage the clinical trial journey among researchers, clinicians, and trial participants.

Collaboration and flexibility for KOLs and sponsors

Our four-phase plan combines the ACT™ platform with our network of Heroes and a robust playbook of adaptive processes.

2,500+ Heroes, 50 states, 20K+ visits, millions of assessments

The Hawthorne Network of Heroes represents a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas work and live where the trial is taking place.

Accelerate Your Clinical Trials