The Hawthorne Effect ACT™ Platform

The Hawthorne Effect Accelerated Clinical Trials Platform is the first SaaS solution to deliver on the vision of Accelerated Clinical Trials.

Group 3 (1)

ACT Intelligent Matching

Reach patients wherever they are by accessing a broad global network of clinicians.

The ACT platform makes it possible to find the right Hero with the right credentials at the right location.

Group 67 (1)

ACT Adaptive Assessment

Reduce patient drop-outs, out-of-window visits and missed data points.

Hawthorne Heroes can administer a range of highly complex in-home assessments such as EKG and ECHOs and can be scheduled to optimize responsiveness to protocol demands. The ACT platform optimizes operations even in the most complex protocols by leveraging our highly automated logistics and study conduct technology.

ACT Adaptive Assessment

ACT Universal Enrollment

Diversify participant populations and enable broader patient access to trials.

The ACT platform integrates into existing recruiting platforms, provides a centralized view of enrollment statistics and a unified patient experience.

Group 66 (2)

ACT Verified Real-Time Data

A comprehensive platform for data collection, verification and distribution that provides the highest quality evidence.

In today’s evolving ecosystem of multi-model (at site, at home, virtual) and highly complex visits, providing a seamless experience for both the clinician and patient is key to collecting high quality clinical evidence. The ACT Verified Real-Time Data platform enables eSource data collection that is tailored to this multi-model service delivery while also easily integrated into the broader ecosystem of clinical technology.

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