Life-BTK Trial

Peripheral Arterial Disease Study: Life-BTK Trial

Hawthorne Effect is working with Abbott on the LIFE-BTK trial, which is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the ESIPIRTTM Bioresorbable stent as a way to reduce leg pain and increase mobility in seniors with Peripheral Arterial Disease.

In this trial, Hawthorne Effect will be conducting home visits that will require assessment of the patient's affected limb, any wounds, and an ABI/TBI. These visits will also require Duplex Ultrasound. This is one of the many clinical trials we are supporting that allow Hawthorne Effect Heroes to be truly on the front lines of transformational, lifesaving clinical research. We are looking for Heroes to express interest in conducting home visits that will improve the quality of life for seniors.

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Kidney Transplant Study: Lionheart21 Trial

Hawthorne Effect and Nobelpharma are pleased to announce their partnership with Lionheart21, an on-going phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of NPC-21 for kidney transplant recipients at high-risk of cytomegalovirus infection. It's the perfect match to advance medical therapy that can extend the life of a vital transplant organ.

We are actively seeking healthcare professionals with exceptional courage to help us conduct in-home patient follow-up visits for this landmark clinical trial. If you are a well-qualified professional with a work ethic that embraces attention to detail, and you can routinely devote yourself to the project, please consider joining our vast network of Heroes and sign up today.

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Neurocognitive Decline Study: PREVENTABLE Trial

Hawthorne Effect is thrilled to have been awarded the opportunity to collaborate in support of the PREVENTABLE Trial – a landmark clinical trial conducted in partnership with Duke Clinical Research Institute, Wake Forest University, PCORI, the VA and the National Institutes of Health. This is a world-class team of geriatric and cardiology investigators posing an important question regarding medical management in the elderly population.

This study explores the effect of use of statins on neurocognitive decline in the elderly. Hero visits will make it easier for patients to participate from the comfort of their homes.

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Infant Health Study: Nourish Trial

Hawthorne Effect, the leader in decentralized clinical trial data collection, is actively recruiting healthcare professionals to participate in an upcoming clinical trial, Nourish, by Nara Organics. This 16-week, double-blind randomized controlled trial focuses on infants and seeks to evaluate the growth and safety of healthy term infants consuming a whole milk organic formula when compared to an FDA approved infant formula. Healthcare professionals will monitor growth, i.e., weight gain, length, and head circumference during the trial period through in in-home visits.

Whether you have experience working with pediatrics or want to gain experience working with infants, please consider this opportunity. It's an easy opportunity to supplement your pay and meet new and exciting people. If you are interested in participating, please review the information below. If you are outside of the designated regions but still want to be a Hawthorne Hero, contact us. We will be happy to talk to you and pair you with other clinical trials that fit your experience, schedule and location.

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Operation Warp Speed: Activ3 Trial

Hawthorne Effect has been awarded the opportunity to collaborate with the NIH and investigational sites in Activ3/Operation Warp Speed to ensure post-discharge study patients complete their follow-up study blood draws. This is one of the many clinical trials we are supporting that allow Hawthorne Heroes to be truly on the front lines of transformational, lifesaving clinical research.

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