Our Mission

To make clinical trials accessible and convenient for everyone, everywhere

Our Credo

At Hawthorne Effect, we believe that clinical research is the cornerstone of continuous improvement in healthcare.

We believe that the success of clinical trials relies on the accessibility and diversity of participants and the quality and completeness of data.

We believe that data is the valuable story of patients’ lives. Through the completeness of data, we see the full picture for individuals and communities. When data is protected and shared with trusted partners, we increase opportunities and efficiencies of healthcare decisions for all.

We believe that our team, our HERO community and our technology solutions can make a significant contribution to the future of healthcare, making it more effective, less expensive and an all-around better experience for patients. We must continuously innovate, focus on our core mission and deliver value to our stakeholders.

We challenge convention, embrace creativity and always keep the experiences for patients at the core of our endeavors.

Our life’s work is to change the landscape to improve opportunities for patients and increase the quality and impact of medical research.